Summertime in Beaver Creek Colorado

Summertime in Beaver Creek Colorado
Happiness Rocks!

Monday, February 21, 2011


Welcome to my first ever blog site... 

I created this site to post and share my wish to win the HGTV 2011 Dream home. If we are so lucky this will, literally, be our dream come true. When I close my eyes...I could not have imagined my dream home any differently...Everything, right down to location, modern style, and eco-friendly design is exactly what I picture. The HGTV dream home would allow us to move to a mountain town, which is our long-term goal, and settle in to enjoy the surrounding beauty of Stowe; Vermont. My significant other is originally from a small town of Vermont and a Catamounts Alumni. Having been together for 7 years now, he knows my only requirement for getting married is that we not be in the state of Michigan when he proposes :) No offense to Michigan. I was born and raised here all my life. Michigan is truly a beautiful state, with much to offer, and my heart will always have a place for my hometown. I am just ready for my dream to move to a state with mountains where we can be more active and enjoy our favorite pastime's, right outside our backdoor...dreaming up a way to have this mountain view outside our doorstep one day! Perhaps a great view from our Master bedroom??? (hint...hint)

Plus, we love to entertain and cook. (The kitchen absolutely perfect!) I have a large Italian family and we have friends from across the country we would love to share this awesome experience with...should the opportunity arise. We will keep our fingers and paws crossed for the results in March 19th. Cheers to our dream-basket and good luck to all that share this amazing dream. For less that a month it will become a reality.